Syros has pride in presenting its delicious Guacamole Spicy. Syros Guacamole is produced in South-Africa and Mexico under special license. The production facilities are audited on a regular basis by Syros quality managers who overlook the process and guarantee the quality of the products. 

Syros Guacamole is a 100% pure product. It contains 93% to 95% of the superior Hass-avocado and 5% to 7% of red bell pepper, onion and jalapeño. Neither preservatives nor colorants are used. No water is added. 

Syros Guacamole contains a full range of vitamins and antioxidants while the mono-unsaturated fats contain no damaging cholesterol. The product is high in protein and fibre. Guacamole is very healthy for the human being. 

Available in 500g bags and tubs.
Syros also presents custom made packaging according to the clients wishes. 

Shelf life of 3 years after production date, at -18° C.

Take a look to our recipes with Guacamole in the Taste Book or contact us about this product!