Frozen GUACAMOle tessa


Syros y using ultra high pressure (6000 bar for 3 minutes). Very few suppliers are able to deliver avocado products using this revolutionary system. 

Syros HPP (high pressure pasteurization) Guacamole is a unique niche product. Using HPP technology Syros offers chilled guacamole with an extended shelf life while absolutely neither preservatives, nor additives are needed. 

Syros Guacamole is a 100%range of vitamins and antioxidants while the mono-unsaturated fats contain no damaging cholesterol. The product is high in protein and fibre. Guacamole is very healthy for the human being. 

Available in 2,5Kg bags.
 Syros also presents custom made packaging according to the clients wishes. 

Shelf life of 3 years after production date, at -18° C.
40 days after thawing, at 0-4°C. 

Take a look to our recipes with Guacamole in the Taste Book or contact us about this product!